Warren Meyer

AT CLIMATE SKEPTIC asks yet another excellent musical questionnnn:

The October global temperature data highlights for me that it is time for scientists to quit wasting time screwing around with questions of whether global warming will cause more kidney stones, and address an absolutely fundamental question: Just what is the freaking temperature?

I have been saying for a long time that, judging from the quality, low resolution, and short timescale of the temperature record we have, we don’t know what the global temperature is. What we know is that where we’ve looked, when we’ve looked, over the last hundred years or so…

…it’s a wash.

I further submit that, due to the vast and chaotic nature of the atmosphere, we cannot know what the temperature was or is at any moment, let alone derive a meaningful average over a year or a century, because any system complex enough to really tell us would of necessity be as large and complex as the atmosphere itself (or approach that complexity to within an order of magnitude — close enough), and therefore exhibit the same characteristics, rendering its output essentially meaningless.

We don’t know. We can’t know. So making assertions based on the “facts” is rather idiotic.

Weather is a local phenomenon.

The range of temperatures in which life — and mankind — can survive or thrive is rather broader than we might find pleasant.

Climate is change.

Rather than try to hold back the tides, we would be far wiser to move a few yards up the shoreline. That is, don’t try to stop climate change (a fool’s errand), but adapt to it.

As we have been told ad nauseam for time out of mind, mankind’s genius is the ability to adapt to his environment.

Don’t you mean “to alter his environment”?


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