Waay Back in Fifth Grade Civics

IF MEMORY SERVES, we were taught that, in the Northwest Territories (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and parts of Minnesota), public schools were intended to be independent of government.

For good reason.

At about the same time (the mid-’60s), state and federal governments (read: Democrats) started throwing more and more money at schools, who, even then were showing signs of manifest failure of their core mission — educating American youth, were feeling the squeeze at the ballot box, as an over-taxed citizenry registered protest on the only matter within direct reach: local school tax levies), and COULD NOT say, “No!” As they should have.

That is how corruption begins.

And this was before it became legal for teachers to unionize.

And this is how your local schools came to be held hostage at the state and federal level by powerful unions, rich enough to bribe legislators to benefit the leadership, if not the rank-and-file membership, and to enhance the power of the Left.

You were warned. You failed to heed the warning. Now you pay.

Take the lesson and stop supporting leftists. Remember: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

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