Voted on the Way In


First: the polls. There are two precincts homed at my polling place, the basement of a church. A grey stone American neo-gothic church of some protestant denomination. How many polling places are the like? Isn’t it a wonder? We have separation of church and state, yet the churches gladly turn over their basement meeting rooms for use as polling places all over the country, never injecting themselves into the event. Just… being… places. Way cool. Only in America.

Second: turnout. This snapshot from 8-ish on the morning in East Walnut Hills in Cincinnati. My precinct had no line. But there are only four booths. All were occupied when I got there. The other precinct had a line. About four or five people out in the hall and who knows how many inside waiting.

All booths full. Things were so casual that they pointed me at a chair with a clipboard. If you’re cool with it, just sit there and fill in the boxes. (All “Alice’s Restaurant” allusions accepted.) So I did. Filled in the boxes (straight Republican on candidates, “NO!” on all issues except proportional representation (Read: back to districts and away from at-large election.) on Cincinnati City Council — it can only be an improvement. At-large election of all councilmen has been a disaster.

Walked to the scanner and fed my ballot in. NEW HIGH SCORE! Got my “I VOTED” sticker and went on to work.

Already in Philly, the Democrats are up to their usual tricks. Must be panicked that McPalin are going to take the state. Heh.

Last week, I thought it looked like the weather today was going to suck. It’s not. It’s about as gorgeous as it ever is on election day around here. So, no Democrat voter turnout suppression from the weather. Means you lot, if you haven’t already voted for McPalin, you need to get out there and do your civic duty.

I think the PUMA folk are going to deliver Ohio for McPalin. In the spirit of bipartisanship: good on yer.

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