Viewing the Videos of Teachers at the Protests

IN MADISON I am struck by the stark contrast between these fuzzy-minded morons and the teachers who had control of my education. All of my teachers, from kindergartn through 12th grade, spoke correct English, used idioms correctly, and — even the raging Marxists — knew the truth of the arguments they were propounding. These fools are two generations on, not selected for subject qualification, but for educationist credentials. (Billy Beck’s take on John Dewey is … refreshing, even if he did spell “weasel” wrong. (Perhaps deliberately?)) Based on the public utterances of people who, by those self-same words, demonstrate that they are unfit to stand before a classroom of young skulls full of mush and do more than serve as a bad example, I would sooner see the public school system shut down as a manifest failure than to suffer our political “leaders” to knuckle under to the thugocracy which has taken to the streets and the corridors of power in Madison — and coming soon, to Columbus. I submit to you that the average student would take less harm from the former event than the latter. And, inasmuch as there remains a demand for education, I suspect that myriads would jump up to fill the vaccum thus left in the case of the former’s eventuation.

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