Vanderleun Finds The Neatest

STUFF — such as this item from Dan McLaughlin, writing at The New Ledger.

The American people know that the same people who wanted to pull the tube from Terri Schiavo want to be trusted not to pull the plug on grandma. Which is why they are appropriately skeptical of any hint that Obamacare would leave any power in federal hands to make those decisions. Four years ago, the Left was proud of its stance on withdrawing not just medical care but food and water itself from Terri Schiavo. That was their choice. If the price to be paid is a public in need of assurance that President Obama and his plan don’t share those values and won’t encourage the same thing, well, choices have consequences, and the voiceless dead can still haunt us in ways we had never foreseen.

Me, I believed then and now that the state has no business in that kind of situation, but that the default bias on the part of state, society, and institutions must be for life, or we will inevitably find ourselves on the side of death, with all of the loaded terms that follow in its train — murder, suicide, familicide, filicide, patricide, matricide, genocide. Humanity cannot afford — and dares not permit — the perversion of taking a stance in favor of death over life.

And, now, Obama’s promising he won’t pull the plug on Granny, but we’ve heard these kinds of promises from politicians before, and they turned out to be lies. What goes around comes around. This time, we can’t afford to take the chance. We have to say, “No.”

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