Unwilling to Accept

THE RESULTS OF an election: the Democrats. They’re not afraid to be seen as traitors, so long as they are advancing their agenda. The only reason they shy from the common-sense terms of opprobrium — liberal, progressive, socialist, un-American, pro-death, Europhiles, appeasers, anti-capitalists, anti-human — is when being fairly labeled as such may cost them an election. Then they will pull up their masks and pretend they are not what they clearly are.

As many of us in the Right have known for decades, and many more are learning every day, the Left has an entire philosophy of political warfare that refuses to accept the results of an election. They continue the fight by other means: by seeking to jigger the vote count; by overloading the election fraud prevention mechanisms of a trusting society; by mau-mauing their political opponents enemies at every turn; by lying about everyone’s policies and intentions; by distorting the facts of any real or perceived crisis to turn events in their favor… And on-and-on it goes, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

John Hinderaker posts in praise of Andrew Breitbart — the founder of the Big Government Web site, where the A.C.O.R.N. expose videos by Giles and O’Keefe are hosted. And, along the way, notes that it is high time — past time — that the Right took up some of the same tactics, albeit absent the need for fraud, trickery, and deceit, in aid of defeating the soi-disant — scorn quotes — “Progresive” Left.

It’s time for conservatives — mainstream Americans, in other words — to throw off the shackles and get aggressive. Our beliefs are correct, our values are the foundation of any society that doesn’t have a death wish, and our interests, unlike those of the leftists, are legitimate. We deserve to govern this country, and before long, we will.

Attack, attack, attack. Never let up. Never allow a lie to go unchallenged, never let an unconstitutional action pass without comment or more, never miss an oipportunity to expose the Left’s supporters to the truth that their so-called “leaders” are corrupt, vile, self-aggrandizing kleptocrats, utterly unworthy of support from anyone who without sarcasm calls him or herself a liberal.

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