Unions. Heh

GLENN BECK IS GOING OFF on the imbecility of union work rules (in the context of teachers’ unions in New Jersey and the battles Chris Christie is having with them). And he mentioned the stagehands union (IATSE — the International Association of Theatrical Stage (and motion picture) Employees).

I don’t think I’m telling tales out of school when I relate to my readers that union stagehands are viewed with great scorn within the pop music industry. There are countless jokes out there, such as this one:

Q: How can you tell the union stagehands’ kids on the playground?

A: They’re the ones standing off to the side eating donuts and drinking coffee and not doing any work.

Which is even funnier when you learn that IATSE has a very strong legacy streak — sons (and daughters) of union members get great preference in hiring and advancement.

That is all.

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