Under A Blackened Sky


I never really got the whole “Rainy Days and Mondays” thing. Well, Mondays, OK. But rainy days — so long as I’m not Out In It in wet clothes (in dry clothes, OK, but not wet) — are some of my favorite kind.

Rain cleanses the sky. Under the cloud deck, it’s easier to see farther and more clearly than you can on a haze-blinded sunny day. The air smells cleaner, and the added burden of moisture is a balm to skin, nose, and eyes.

With the filtering of sunlight by clouds, the light is cleaner, permitting more-saturated colors, both to vision and to cameras. If you like color, shoot on a cloudy day.

Rain makes everything glisten, like precious metals and jewels encrust the landscape. God’s bling.

Rain enhances the mystery of night. The lights of the city gleam in mirroring puddles, adding a visual depth to any scene, whether stood before and contemplated like a painterly masterpiece, or glimpsed quickly in passing.

My favorite rainy night song is Sarah McLachlan’s Wait. I’ve been trying for years to write a passage in a Dolly story that captures the feel of the song.

Under a blackened sky
Far beyond the glaring streetlights
Sleeping on empty dreams
The vultures lie in wait
You lay down beside me then
You were with me every waking hour
So close I could feel your breath…

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