Uh-oh! Scary-oh!

FINALLY TOOK MATTERS in-hand and cleared the detritus, flotsam, jetsam, and impedimenta off the mud bench by the front door of the study. I cleaned the area of dust and cobwebs, preparatory to polishing it up and finishing it off.

Understand, now, that this particular task has been hanging fire since… oh, since the last time Og was here. (When was that?) I’ve been putting if off because, 1) I was busy with other stuff and B) I wanted to do all of the woodwork at the same time (applying tung oil finish), which meant first I had to fill nail holes with carpenter’s wood putty, sand that down, and apply tung oil.

Speaking of which, anybody have any idea why the stuff comes in a squirt can instead of a regular paint can? I get the rag application thing, I really do. (And after having gotten tung oil all over my hands in the waterbed days, I’d rather not.) But it says on the can, you CAN (may) brush the stuff on. Are you supposed to squirt it onto the brush? Any notion of what kind of a mess THAT can make? OK, so you use a a little paint pot. Got those. Works OK. But then, when you’re done, what do you do with the excess? I’ve never seen a funnel small enough to fit in that little squirt nozzle. So do you pour it down the drain? (I think not, Einstein.) Or dump it on the lawn?

You could be conservative about how much you pour out into your paint pot, so there isn’t any excess.

Yeah. Right. Dishes me, Dolly. Can’t estimate time, weight, distance, age, volume, quantity, or cup size fer schniessen. Point of fact, that’s what I did, but it’s annoying to have the job made harder by the packaging of my constituent parts.

So I tung oiled the wood bits — first coat Tuesday evening, second coat Wednesday — and hung the hooks. Vacuumed up the umbrella stand, put in it the umbrellas which have been cluttering up an inconvenient corner in the bedroom for the past … ZOMG! hasitreallybeenthreeyearscomeFebrurary?!

You have really got to finish this project.

Working on it.

Anyways… Merry Christmas, y’all.

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