Trayvon Martin

IN ORDER TO PROTEST the apparently killing of a hooded yoot’ by a putative vigilante, the New Black Panther Party, et al, propose …

And people wonder why the rest of the country — including a good many black folk of my acquaintance — view black race hustlers somewhat askance. (Just listen to the tone and the words when the talk turns to the behavior of “Jesse” (no last name — everybody knows who you mean).)

I mean, it’s possible the kid himself was acting in self-defense, although repeated curbings of Zimmerman’s skull makes me tend toward skepticism, but we don’t know. And leaping into the abyss of conclusions serves no one except those bent on invidious bad faith acts.

And it’s a wonder that the black proponents of a lynching aren’t having their heads asplode from the dissonance.

::wanders off humming Lady Day’s Strange Fruit.::

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, they had a march Tuesday to support Trayvon Martin, who’s been dead and — one presumes — buried for a month, now. One hopes Mr. Martin has taken note of it.

And nobody — in my hearing at least — has a thought for the unseemliness of that.

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