Toward a New Disestablishmentarianism

SPEAKING OF MAKING the Enemy die on this hill… I hear that the administration — through its creature, the EPA — is attempting to strong-arm Congress by threatening, in the event of a failure of Congress to act on Cap’n Tax, to impose a command-control regime under the aegis of the Clean Air Act.

The only suitable response must be: “Fine. We’ll just disestablish the EPA. Put that in your pipe and suck the second-hand fumes, why don’t you?

Og responds to me with apropos wisdom that a lone gunman is bound to die on his chosen grassy knoll, were he to try facing down a horde.

Unless, of course, he runs a successful bluff.

Think back over the century just past and think how many bluffs the Left has run. Don’t limit yourself to the American Left, either. For example, consider the Soviet military, which we now understand to have been, to a greater extent in the post-war years, rather than a steely machine, more like a rusty bucket. Reagan called their bluff — with the world’s intelligentsia crying out, “OHNOHE’SGOINGTOGETUSALLKILLED!!!!” — et le poof! the Soviet Union, she is no more.

A perspicatious observer can see (if he looks) that we In The Right are far more numerous and doughty than the enemy on the Left. The pretzeline contortions Harry Reid is having to perform to shepherd the health care debacle through the Senate (a Senate in which the majority has been elected by the best voters stolen money can buy — and (I submit) the majority was only elected in an “Anybody but…” reaction to RINO turpitude.) should clue you.

We outnumber them. And, as Rush has observed, undiluted, full-strength conservatism wins elections. (What he calls conservatism is, as we keep telling ourselves, in truth classical liberalism — or the Enlightenment concepts which informed the Founding of the country.) If we press our case, we won’t “die on this hill” and have a real chance of forcing the enemy to expire there instead. Fortune favors the bold, friends! Take not the counsel of your fears. Make the enemy pay for every inch of ground.

And never forget, our aim is to roll back a century of misbegotten Progressivism.

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