Too Risible to be Seen

AS SUCH, THIS proposal floated at the Volookh Conspiracy and praised by Instapundit.

Let the Democrats put forward three different health care reform proposals. Let the Republicans put forward two different proposals. Find five states to volunteer. Each state adopts one of the proposals. Wait several years. See if any of these proposals worked out well, and if so, which one seems best, and why. Learn from this trial and error, and then pass a national health bill, instead of trying an untested, one-size fits all solution for 20% of the American economy.

Why is it that nobody with any throw weight in the nation discussion is putting for the correct answer, which is for the government to butt the hell out?

The problem was caused by gratuitous government intermeddling in affairs where it has no lawful authority. Why, then, is not the immediate default solution to undo that mistake?

It is to laugh. Lord, what fools these mortals be!

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