Too Often Businessmen Can’t Afford

TO STAND UP FOR FREEDOM They have to just grab the fish, say, “OK,” and head off into the forest to try to cut down the tree with it, no matter how batshit fucking insane — and not to mention flat-out unlawful — the demands of the government tyrants demands are that they fell a tree with a carp.

Gibson Guitar, clearly because their President (and probably a lot of their employees) support Republican candidates and causes, is being tyrannized for failure to comply with a law — the Lacey Act — that on its face is flatly unconstitutional. Where in Article I, Section 8 is there an enumerated power of Congress saying that Congress has the power to enforce foreign laws? Nowhere. If it’s not mandatory, it’s forbidden. The law is unconstitutional. Period. And the officials attempting enforcement are liable for prosecution under 18 USC 242 — as acting under color of law to deny free exercise of constitutional rights.

The CEO of Gibson is willing to fight this. This is rare. Most businesses calculate that the downside cost to fight harrassment and persecution is simply too great, and they knuckle under — thereby waiving OUR rights as well, for you know how the government loves insidious precedent. Once they’ve overstepped one time and won, they’ll do it again and again until it’s a well-established practice. They have to be slapped down and with extreme prejudice. When a businessman is willing to mix it up, we owe it to him, to ourselves, and to our posterity to give him every support we can. At the very least, go to Gibson’s Facebook page and lend a few words of support.

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