Today Is My Birthday

I’M TURNING 57 Better get used to it.

I have no honey-dos, no errands to run, nothing to do but what I want to do.

And what I want to do is…

Sit at my desk all day and work on a novel?

Yeah. I’m THAT kind of crazy.

I’m hoping to get a lot of keyboard time in on Armed Citizen. Those among you familiar with the story as we left it two years ago will remember that my two principal gripes were that it’s too short, at 35,000 words, to be a proper novel, and that the climax is insufficiently dramatic — Dolly’s jeopardy being not very jeopard, if you know what I mean. You will be pleased to hear I have come up with a way to fix that. In essence, the three acts we have now will have two more added on, a Part 2, if you will, in which Dolly learns, at the end of her trial, It’s Not Over Yet, and we are introduced to the circumstances that will eventuall force her into the unwelcome role of Gabrielle Godslayer.

Watch this space.

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