To The Asshole in Spandex

WHOM I ALMOST ran down at the corner of Fourth and Main in Dayton, Kentucky, at about 1PM yesterday, yes, I have eyes. Otherwise, the rundown wouldn’t have been almost.

If you want to be treated as an adult on a wheeled vehicle, rather than an errant child or some other random hazard to traffic, you would be well-advised to follow the rules of the road.

For example, it is considered bad form to breeze past a stop sign and dart into an intersection in front of the vehicle (which, by the way, outweighs you AND your silly little bike by a couple of tons), which vehicle, incidentally, DID have the right of way, and then curse the operator when he nevertheless manages to screech to a halt before, as I said, running you down.

If you can’t handle following the rules of the road, then I suggest you find a closed track to get your exercise.

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