To Idiot Democrats

(REDUNDANCY ALERT): We don’t have to present evidence of anything in order to repeal the misbegotten and illegal Obamacare law. All we need is the desire to repeal it. The burden of proof is on you, first that the Constitution gives Congress the authority to legislate on the matter at all (hint: it doesn’t), and second that it will absolutely (fer real, not in CBO imaginary numbers) provide the benefit/cost ratio you predict. (Hint: it won’t.)

I’m talking to YOU, Hank Johnson.

Interesting to note that, when the blinders of Democrat lies are removed, the CBO can tell it straight. The CBO reported today that repealing Obamacare would shave circa $500 billion off the budget.

Seems to me, since we’re — you know — broke and all, that $500B would have been added to the daffycit if it weren’t for repeal, which hasn’t happened yet, but it’s looking more-and-more like it really ought to.

Even if you don’t care that Congress has no lawful authority in the matter, and (like me) would really prefer to see that point made in no uncertain terms.

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