To Hell With Fair and Balanced

I JUST WISH ONCE the furshlugginer media would — you know — do its job? Like, going and finding out the facts…? And telling people what they are?

Yet another media report — this time on catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, as reported at Watts Up With That? — which stops as “He said / she said” and never gets anywhere closer than differing opinions to the actual whatcha call the facts of the matter.

I mean, it’s not rocket science. You have a case being made for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Is it valid? It’s simplicity itself to determine: ask yourself what is required for the case to be validated. All four components of the contention must be proven.

The phenomenon must be catastrophic. If it’s not, then what’s all the who-struck-John about?

The phenomenon must be anthropogenic (man-made). If it’s not, then mitigation attempts are sadly misdirected, and most probably futile.

The phenomenon must be global in nature, or it will be self-correcting. That’s what winds are for, doncha know.

And the phenomenon must exhibit definite characteristics of a warming trend. Otherwise, see 2 above. If the phenomenon is actually a cooling trend, then we need to be — in the words of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle in Fallen Angels — throwing another log on the fire. If the phenomenon is actually natural variation — mere background noise in an otherwise steady signal — then we need to be hanging a few scientists for moral fraud. Not for proposing an erroneous conjecture, but for pushing it beyond all reason, and fraudulently denying countervailing evidence.

See? That took all of fifteen minutes to lay out. The research to confirm matters one way or another might take perhaps an hour on the Internet, and writing the final article a good day’s labor at a word processor.

So, are we to assume that journalists are incompetent? Unable to perform this simple series of actions? Or that they have darker, more sinister motives?

Stupid or malicious — or a little of both? We report; you decide.


“And…?” what, Dolly?

You ain’t done no reportin’ y’badself.

True genug. I leave it as an exercise for the reader. But I will pose one salient question as a guide: how do they know?

Know what?

That the temperature has risen or will rise?

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