To All you Left Whingers

PISSING AND MOANING about the opposition to government meddling in medicine who witter about how we shouldn’t be so negative without offering up our own contributions to the solutions sought…

How about you demonstrate conclusively that anything you propose — contrary to history and all prior art and experience on the subject — will, first, do no harm, and second not reduce choice, increase costs, and diminish the quality of care — just as it has every time and place the experiment has been run by optimists with more hope than sense?

How about you accept that our solution — which is for the government to butt the hell out altogether — is the superior solution, which fact is borne out by history and all prior art and experience on the subject, based on the results obtained every time the experiment has been run by anyone?

Instead of trying to stuff your draconian, dictatorial non-solution to a problem the same actors now ginning up this one created in the first place, why don’t you admit where the fault lies and that the sensible thing to do is not “more of the same”?

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