Time to Dispose Of

THE CANARD that the fact prescriptions are cheaper in Canada is a virtue of the socialist health care system.

Wrong again, Beagle Breath!

The reason drugs are cheaper in Canada is that the Canuckistanian government has strong-armed the manufacturers (with threats of the abridgement of the manufacturers’ intellectual property rights) into selling their products cheap — sometimes below cost, but certainly below fair market value.

Those prices do not cover the incredible cost of development and shepherding drugs through the labyrinthine and byzantine (and dare I say, amaranthine) regulatory approval process (which frequently runs down the clock on a patent, increasing the unit cost of the drug by in effect mandating that development costs be amortized over a shorter period of time).

So the Canadians are getting drugs cheaper than Americans do, because they’re not helping to cover the development costs, thus putting more of the burden on American consumers. They are free-riding on our dime.

Sorta like stealing cable.

Exactly like that, except that when governments do it, they don’t call it stealing.

They don’t call it stealing.

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