This Week’s Numb3rs

REVOLVED AROUND an AI — artificial intelligence. Dolly is an artificial person, something somewhat different. I mention that to point out that I’ve done some thought and some study on the subject. Not to claim any expertise, mind, just an above-the-crowd awareness.

I don’t believe that mankind will ever develop a true artificial intelligence, and that’s it hubris to think we might. Or, at any rate, it’s hubris to try.

We can make machines that process brazilans of operations per nanosecond — hyperubersupermassively parallel, neural net, holographic memory — whatever. We can’t give it a soul. Until we do, until we become God, it ain’t happening. Incredibly lifelike counterfeits, perhaps. Very long-lived and luxurious cyber containers for our own intelligences — massively augmented by connections to vast networks of computers. But not real intelligence. Not true original life.

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