This Thought Occurred to Me

FULLY FORMED FROM the forehead of Zeus — sort of an ideoparthenogenesis, if you get my drift.

How is mandatory reporting to a government agency of the occurrance and conditions of the transfer of arms from one private entity to another not a violation of Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search. The record being reported, after all, is not an effect solely of the gun store. It is also that of a private citizen. Taken not only without informed consent, but also taken without probable cause, and without a warrant. How can this be seen to be reasonable from the perspective of the injured party?

And all of this before breakfast, as it were, without mention of the slope of ice with grease smeared over it that is the government keeping records of who has sold firearms to whom. I don’t care if the government asserts we can trust it. Common sense dictates that you cannot trust the government, you should not trust the government, you must not trust the government, and it is a chump’s error to trust the government. That is the entire purpose of our nation’s fundamental document — to shackle the government to our lack of trust in its good intentions. We — in effect — know better.

How can We the (Little) People rid ourselves of the impertinent and insufferable (not to mention unlawful) regime that seeks to enslave us all?

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