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Joe Huffman on the Threeper vs Prags contretemps.

I agree with the defiance. Statists need to be constantly reminded that they face implacable opposition.

But the opposition has to BE implacable.

I agree with the notion that one should not alienate potential allies — don’t scare the white people. (Or the brown people, for that matter.
Remember that gun control is fundamentally racist. Free men of any race are natural allies of the RKBA movement, and should be recruited.)

This does not mean that one should be concerned about alienating implacable enemies, (see above).

I believe that the possible responses of the citizenry to infringements upon liberty (or the predations of … those guys who predate on people) should be nebulous. Don’t make your personal line in the sand public. Don’t advertise your carry state. Don’t even acknowledge that you MIGHT be carrying. But do promulgate the notion that many in your surrounds DO carry, and it’s a dangerous guessing game to accost someone with violent intent — because you never know who might be armed. DO project the image of a situationally aware sheepdog-type. Keep the wolves and jackals nervous and cautious.

I firmly believe that a free people cannot rely solely on their sporting arms to keep the state in check. We must operate in the entire battlespace, and that includes gaming the system to the advantage of liberty. Ignoring the statist monster in the closet may be what you wish you could do, but it is unlikely to contribute to domestic tranquility. Statists must be challenged at every turn. If the threepers have a lesson to teach, it is this: draw a line, draw it sooner than later, attack vehemently all attempts to cross the line, do not surrender.

Remember: no matter how tough or fast or smart you are or how big your gun, there will always be someone tougher, faster, smarter, or possessed of a bigger gun. We keep emphasizing that guns are tools. It is up to the responsible free man to make sure that a gun is the appropriate tool for the task at hand. As we all know, while you never want to be without when it is, most of the times, it’s not.

You must be prepared to bloody your enemy — not necessarily physically, but he MUST be taught through repeated exposure to (at least) metaphorical pain in response to his outrages.

But you gotta know when the most salutary pain is metaphorical or otherwise.

I don’t think either the Threepers or the Prags have a lock on the truth. I think both groups realize that. I think individuals of both groups would be wise to remind themselves of that. Frequently.

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