This Picture Scares


PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT, as well it should. But those on the Left are more likely to think, “You say that as though it were a bad thing,” when it ought to terrify them just as much. After all, it’s not as though there will always be Democrats in power.

Why not? Aren’t they entrenched in the permanent bureaucracy?

Yeah. Until honest IGs and Republican appointees have them marched out of their offices in chains.

Why should they believe that’s ever going to happen?

I see your point. After all, most leftist brain farts are engaged in wishful thinking. Belief in magic, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Not to mention that, when it actually does happen, they’ll either deny it outright or whinge that it shouldn’t and, therefore, isn’t. The currents flow strong in the River de Nial.

Now, I see at Instapundit that individual IRS agents are being sued by victims of their harassment. One hopes there are civil rights charges in there. Faster,please, of course, but also: more, please.

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