This Meme Needs to Be Spread


When Democrats try to compare their welfare-state plans to Robin Hood, they need to be brought up short.

The facts of the matter (if facts can be applied to a myth) are that Robin Hood and his merrye band stole not just from the rich, but from the government. (And from churchmen operating as quasi-governmental entities.) And they then redistributed their gains to those from whom it was stolen by said government.

Robin Hood was a tax-cutter.

If the Democrats are analogous to anyone in the Robin Hood legends, it is to the oppressive government, embodied by the evil Sherriff of Nottingham and Bad King John. The government taxed the English into penury to support a vast network of public works — roads and military fortifications, mostly — and an opulent life-style for a few chosen elites. IF any of their ill-gotten wealth did manage to trickle down to the poor, it was spent in aid of keeping them in serfdom, chained to the land and the lord of it. Sort of like the way the Democrat party treats blacks.

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