This Joke Came

TO MIND AMIDST the work day.

A signing-bonus baby — all-pro defensive lineman, not the brightest bulb in the marquee, but with beaucoups sponsorship deals — wanders into a bank to cash his bonus check.

OK, so no self-respecting sports agent would allow his client anywhere within blast radius of his bonus check, but roll with me on this. ‘Kay?

And the teller tells him he needs to endorse the check. You know — there on the back.

So the bonus baby flips the check over, takes the profferred pen, and — tongue-tip out to the side in deepest concentration — writes on the back of the document, “I heartily endorse this check…” and signs it with a flourish.

OK. So, if you endorse a candidate… Do you have to sign them on the back? Above the line? And show two forms of ID?

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