This is What Happens

WHEN YOU ABANDON PRINCIPLE in favor of pragmatism. Both principles and practice suffer.

In response to arguments that many previous such plans had failed, the Supreme Court merely said that “we decline to second-guess the City’s considered judgments about the efficacy of its development plan.”

Three years after the decision, no one had to second-guess the city’s judgments. Instead, it was clear that they were wrong. The homes of Susette Kelo and her neighbors have all been torn down or removed. But, except for the remodeling of one government building into another government building, virtually no new development had taken place in the Fort Trumbull district by May, 2008.

The Antiplanner

A man with a briefcase
Can steal more money
Than any man with a gun

–Don Henley

When correctly viewed, property and money are tied to life. Thus, while property is not theft, theft (including theft under color of law) is murder.

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