This is What Comes

OF PERMISSIVE PARENTING Used to be civil unrest was met with what was called the reading of the riot act. The holder of executive authority would out with a copy of said satute and have it promulgated. The act would contain such gems as the permission of the police and troops to use lethal force to quell violence, restore order, and protect life and property.


Yes, property, Dolly. Property is acquired at the expense of life and as such is sacred only second to life itself. Something the old “property is theft” crowd would rather you not remember. Around here, we prefer to assert that theft is murder. And, I should say in that vein, vandalism is murder as well.

And, on such a scale, with malice aforethought, vandalism amounts to an act of war, to be met with reciprocal — and, yes, disproportionate — force.

As the saying used to go, looters will be shot. Survivors will be prosecuted.

So… why don’t they? Anymore?

Mostly because — and this will break the rioter’s little anarchist hearts — the rioters serve as a useful tool for the establishment power structure.

Oh. Well, then, let’s not tell them.

Right. Meantime, I would prefer to see the authorities adopt Col. Cooper’s dictum that a masked man is a target.

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