This is Too Long and Complex

TO BE A SIMPLE Quote of the Day, but it does deserve that kind of up-pointing. Our Curmudgeon, in full cry…

[…A]sk yourself, “Why does the Left strive to delegitimize those who speak for the Right, if the Left has a set of rational arguments for its positions?”

The immediate conclusion must be that the Left’s strategists consider this tactic practically superior to all others. That conclusion, all by itself, is an important one that deserves independent reflection. But behind it lies another of even greater import, which comes most plainly into view when one realizes that the next electoral battle is still seventeen months away:

The Right is winning all the premier policy arguments of the day on grounds of better logical substance and greater evidentiary support.

An old trial-lawyer’s maxim has much point: “When the law is against you, pound the facts. When the facts are against you, pound the law. When both are against you, pound the table.”

The Left cannot compete with the Right on logical grounds, nor can it muster evidence in support of its theses. Therefore it must “pound the table:” it must deflect the public’s attention from both evidence and logic to make room for whatever other assets it can bring to bear. But to do so without addressing the Right’s arguments and evidence requires that those “pounding the facts and the law” be delegitimized in the eyes of those who might otherwise attend to them.


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