This is Hopeful

BUT I REMAIN SKEPTICAL. It appears that there is a proposal on the table which promises to end the climate-change debate — if the proponents of CAGW are acting in good faith. It is a verifiable and peer-reviewed calculation that “fixing” the problems of climate change will cost fifty times what it would cost to adapt to it.

I don’t doubt it’s being put forth in all sincerity by Lord Monckton and others. All of the data and process is publicly available (unlike the data and models arguing for massive remediation).

But the rub is in the first paragraph above: If the warmistas are acting in good faith. And, of course, they’re not. The whole CAGW dodge has been a bad-faith effort from the start, a stalking horse for international revolutionary Marxist seeking to loot the treasuries of rich, Western countries. That’s why they can’t allow honest reviews of their data and processes, why they can’t engage in an open debate — their motives are about as ulterior as they can get.

But I’d love to be proven wrong.

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