They Shoot Mad Dogs


Prob’ly not so much any more.

::sigh:: Yeah. You’re right. Still, it’s a damning indictment of those who truckle with the Palestinean terrorist nation that they continue, even in the face of Hamas’ palpably rabid behavior.

Almost as if God created antisemites to test his chosen people.

Another clue to add to Marko’s list (seen here) is that, when one side is so concerned for the souls of its constituents that it refrains from taking the appropriate and proportional course, stays its hand, as it were, from what might be seen as a … final … solution…

…you can tell who the good guys are.

I can’t see the Jews salting the earth of the West Bank and Gaza for another reason.


That’s holy land. And rendering it unarable for generations or millennia would be a sin. No. If they were to come by that land by whatever means, they’d be sure to make it bloom. As they have elsewhere. And boy howdy, dun’t that stick in the Arabs’ craws?

Um… You might notice that even Arabs are finding the current behavior of Hamas beyond the pale.

True. But I haven’t noticed that any of the local Arab governments have loosened their anti-Jewish restrictions.

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