They Might Just Be Conflict Averse

BUT I THINK THE REAL reason Democrat congresscritters don’t want to engage with their constituents at townhall meetings…

Is ’cause they believe all that bullbunk the leadership and the DNC are putting out about the TEA Party folks’ being astroturfed?

Well… Maybe, but that wasn’t where I was going.

Oh. Well… What are you waiting for?


Get there!

Get where?

To the point!

I was doing fine until you popped open the can of…


No. Stay on topic, here, please. You opened a can of DL.


Hand cleaner?

::Still ??::

A degreasion?

::groan:: Go on…

I think the principal reason that the miscreants don’t want to face their constituent units is that they haven’t done their homework. They haven’t got a clue what’s in the bill, while the voters do and can cite chapter and verse, and they (the criminals) resent having to do the work they’re paid for. Which is only to be expected.


Sure. They’ve been getting along in do-nothing sinecures for decades, and now they’re getting told by uppity voters that they’ve been slacking off. Guaranteed to arouse resentment.

Awwww. Po’ bebbeh.

Fuck ’em.

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