They Always Float a Trial Balloon

DO THE SCALE MODEL TESTING first, before they ramp up to life-size. This would fall under that category.

If that woman is not met with a firestorm of protests and calls for her immediate resignation and/or ouster. Recall. Impeachment. Then I would venture to predict this gambit of suspending elections will at least be promoted in the wider arena of national politics. And there will be those on both sides of the proverbial aisle who will take the suggestions seriously.

I keep asking, and no controlling legal authority answers:

Given that force — even lethal force — is considered proper, praiseworthy, even mandatory in some cases, in the stopping of the commission of a felony in progress, what level of force might be considered proper, praiseworthy, or mandatory in the stopping of the commission of treason? Is not a statement by a sitting state governor that congressional elections ought to be suspended — whether serious or not — tantamount to the making of war on the people and the Constitution of the United States?

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