THERE’s Your Problem

I KEEP HEARING THIS nonsense that Obamacare is unconstitutional and should be repealed, the edifices knocked down until no stone stands atop another, and the earth plowed and sown with salt. BUT…

It’s OK for the states to enact their versions of Romneycare if they want to.


As I said the other day this is what comes of trying to be politically ecumenical — you end up, in effect, surrendering your principles to no good end. It’s not a compromise: we lose, they win. That’s surrender. But that’s what they demand of us.

To quote Tony Hendra: Get this; fuck that.

Here’s the what: The Constitution requires of the States that they guarantee their citizens a republican form of government, not a nanny state*. Plus: constitutional jurisprudence since the Civil War holds that the Federal Constitution is supreme over the laws and constitutions of the States. Inherent to that must be that the rights of the individual citizen are supreme over all.

Finally, as also mentioned here, the Constitution affirms the right to Liberty in the IXth Amendment. And, as Obamacare is an affront to liberty, so should a similar provision in law be at the state or even local level. Sauce for the goose, so to speak.

And Newt Gingrich, with his, “You ought to have to demonstrate the ability to pay, or to have coverage for medical care.” He sounds so reasonable, dun’t he? (Statist fuck!) Lemme axe ya dis? Why does medicine get a carve-out? Why don’t we, for example, have to post a financial responsibility bond for our grocery bill (lest we become a burden on the resources of the state).

I mean… I mean:

I can go on pretty long ignoring a medical problem. But if I don’t eat today, I’m going to be hungry tomorrow. Which is the more urgent? Why is it more important a matter of life and death to cover the doctor but not the greengrocer? Is it, perhaps, because the former has a more — Shall we say… persuasive? — lobby?

And there you go back with the whole government corruption thing. Does anybody besides me think this is a systemic problem, no matter who the new/old boss may be?

(Get it? “Who?” “New/old boss?” Heh. I crack me up.)

(*Under the principle of: if it isn’t mandatory, it’s forbidden.)

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