THERE’s Your PROBlem

MAN OF LETTERS is a successful blogger. Speech, Freedom of… Q.V. His blog is carried by an online magazine. Press, Freedom of the… See which.

He takes it into his head to run for an opening Senate seat. No comments from the peanut gallery as to the viability of his candidacy.

To avoid a hassle with admittedly unconstitutional campaign finance laws*, he decides to remove his blog from the magazine’s site, effectively giving up that source of income.

Why? He acknowledges he could win a constitutional challenge in court. But the cost would be too high.

And this is how tyranny encroaches — by these legal deaths-of-a-thousand-cuts. The mere existence of an unconsitutional law diminishes all of our liberty, but unless those the courts will grant standing (let that word “grant” drip with venomous sarcasm, please) will take up the cudgel — most especially those seeking elective office, the statists win.

The only proper response to the statist impulse is to bloody its nose — hit it, hit it hard, keep hitting it until it withdraws.

In my not-so-very-humble opinion, by this action, Ser Kaus renders himself unfit for office.

*(IMNSVHO, the entire concept of campaign finance laws is unconstitutional — the Federal Congress does not have the lawful authority to legislate on the subject and is therefor forbidden it.)

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