There’s This Landmark

NORTH OF CINCINNATI WAY a statue of Jesus in water up to his ribcage, arms uplifted to heaven in supplication, called variously Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus.

During a big thunderstorm a couple nights ago, it was struck by lightning…

Quelle ironique.

Indeed, Dolly. Indeed.

…struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Made out of papier mache or some such, I suppose.

While comedy stylist Heywood Banks announced on the Bob and Tom show Wednesday that he’d added a new verse to his song, “Big Butter Jesus,” I think that the official winnah of the Innertubes is our very own Og, the Neanderpundit, who dashed off this bit of doggerel in comments to Tam’s post on the subject.

I don’t care if it rains or freezes
long as I got a flaming Jesus
Sitting in a pond in my frontyard

Jesus’ daddy he sent lightning
all the folks thought it was frightening
Seems salvation might be kinda hard.


And … Hee.

Gotcher viral right here.

Dolly, there is something obscene about that gesture when you make it.

Gee! Ya think?

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