There’s Always Something You

FORGOT TO CONSIDER that vowels up your schedule. Take this weekend just past, for instance. At the beginning of it, I was thinking, “I should be able to oil the drawer parts, assemble them, and get them hung on the slides — maybe even get the fronts fastened on and hardware attached. With luck, I might be able to make significant progress toward getting the bookshelves installed.

My Scottish Language Dictionary is packed up in storage right now, (Books: Mark, Desk, Reference), but I’m pretty sure under “algay” you’ll find an arrow pointing to “verfuckled.”

And aglay is where my best-laid plans went.

I had neglected to remember…

I had to cut the bottoms of the drawers (1/4″ birch plywood), sand them up to 320grit, and oil them. Four pieces. Tight fit. Well, no. Actually, it’s a somewhat loose fit, as things go — the bottom floats a bit in the drawer. Not much, but there needs to be allowance for expansion. So I had to do a dry fit of the drawer sides to make sure I had exactly the right dimensions for the bottoms.

Then I realized I had to drill the outsides of the drawer sides for pocket screws. (Well, actually, I did that first.) This is the new Kreg jig. Love it — especially the dust-collection doohickey. Would rather not have been using it this weekend. Wasn’t on the agenda.

And then there was the holes for the adjustable shelves in Toni’s deskside bookcase.

What’s that got to do with assembling drawer boxes?

Well… All this stuff that kicks up dust — and, even with dust-collection attachments on everything (well, almost everything), it still does. So I want it all done and out of the way before I mess with the next course of wet sticky-stuff that acts as a magnet for dust. It’s hard enough to clean all the dust up, let alone deal with making more while there’s wet finish lying around.

That’s your story and you’re sticking to it.


Don’t you think you’re engaging in a little deflection? As in: you’re afraid to put the drawers together for fear they’ll fail — you’ll fail?

What made you come over all Freudian?

What? Sometimes a question is just a question!

Yeah. Right.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Except I hauled out the Dolly Canon story, “Armed Citizen,” which made it past the first reading at Writers of the Future, but was bounced immediately thereafter. I looked it over, decided it wasn’t nearly as shitful as I thought it back in ’04, and tweaked a few things. I decided I pulled off the first person, present-tense thing adequately well, and that the story has more impact than in 3d person, past tense. And I realized that this might actually serve as a background piece for various and sundry beta readers and advisers (you know who you are) — far more grownup than the Apocryphal stories, and (of course) truer to the world building.

Despite the fact that Dolly is still carrying a USP9. Gotta fix that.

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