There’s a Phrase In Science Fiction

FANDOM WHICH REFERS to a certain subset of humanity seemingly born to cluelessness — them what ain’t never gonna get it.

Charity compels one to ascribe to strawman fallacies a general cluelessness, or perhaps an emotional reaction to stimuli, rather than to malice. The first time. One might even take as a first hypothesis that, in the heat of the moment, someone may have missed key details, thus leaping to an incorrect conclusion.

After awhile, though, you really have to just face up and admit it: this person is operating in full self-immolation mode, doesn’t care how much of a fool he’s making of himself, is laying about himself with whatever bludgeon comes to hand, not caring who gets hurt. It’s not a sensible reaction. It’s illogical and/or irrational — imaginary, perhaps. (A little math humor for ya, there.)

But, unless you’re bent on his destructions, you just have to kind of shrug and say, “I’m not escalating any more, here. This is at DefCon Ridiculous now, and if I just lay back, maybe he’ll actually HEAR what I’m saying, instead of taking counsel of his own fears, and maybe things can settle down.

And you hope the other guy is NOT one of those who ain’t never gonna get it.

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