There Could Not Be

A STARKER DEMONSTRATION of the laziness, intellectual bankruptcy, the professional malpractice of the constitutionally-privileged legacy partisan press than in the reportage on the vote in the House on Wednesday to repeal Obamacare.

Since the Republicans are almost universally opposed to Obamacare and are the majority in the House, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the vote will succeed. [Update: the measure passed in a bipartisan landslide, 244 to 185 — 6 voting, perhaps, “present”.] And, since the Democrats — in control of the Senate, as well as the President’s veto pen — are vehemently, desperately requiring the maintenance of the so-called Affordable Care Act (which, if there were honesty in legislative labelling, would actually be called the Insurance Industry Golden Parachute Act), the vote in the Senate is also a foregone conclusion.

The vote, therefor, was a bit of political kabuki.

But the media reported it as a serious matter that would be decided once and for all by this vote.

Yes, the repeal faces a tough row to hoe in the Senate. Isn’t that the point? That the Democrats govern against the will of the people? That they are anything but democratic?

The People did not want Obamacare in the first place. Those with memories long enough to extend to a time when all quotidian medical expenses were covered out-of-pocket didn’t want this whole socialized medicine farago in the first place.

The People rejected Obamacare when it was being debated and rammed through Congress via dubious political hacks. And we warned them — time and again — you ram Obamacare down our throats, we’ll shove it up your ass. It will not happen immediately, but will develop over time, but I hope and expect that forcing this issue now will be the ultimate cause of the demise of the current power structure on the Left. In twenty years, the political landscape in America will look a lot different, and people who expected to be in the catbird seat will be on Skid Row, panhandling for quarters.

The People wanted Obamacare struck down in the courts. There is considerable suspicion of the SCOTUS decision. Nobody has come right out and said that Roberts was coerced or bribed, but you can’t help thinking it, the decision is THAT wannsinig.

The People want Obamacare repealed. And the Republicans expect that the Democrats in the Senate will ride their desperate need for the law down to ultimate self-immolation, like Slim Pickens in Strangelove. And they want to hang it around the Democrats’ necks like the albatross in the Ancient Mariner.

So, why doesn’t the press report that? It’s great media — it has drama, conflict… It bleeds. And, yet…

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