The Twins Promise

TO BE A COUPLE of little terrors, if only on the question of identifying who’s who.

Increasingly, as the hair grows back on Aqua and Jazz’s bellies, the clearest earmark we had is going away.


Distinguishing characteristic?

Less confusing, albeit rather pedantic.

ANYway… Aqua and Sky look so much alike — even, despite Sky’s recent illness, they are only three ounces apart in weight — that Toni was announcing plaintively that she needed night vision goggles because she couldn’t tell who was on the bed with her.

Despite our best efforts to observe them closely and spot the indentifying characteristics, they might as well be identical twins.

Jazz, on the other hand, who doesn’t need identifying marks because her coloration is unique in our household, has developed Loki-like tabby stripes on her cheeks in the same smokey blue-gray as her points. Wouldn’t you know.

Sky seems to be recovering, albeit slowly. The bloodwork was inconclusive. Well, no. It was disgustingly normal. Well… OK. A few points up or down on any criterion, but nothing revelatory. The doctors are stumped. Best guess is still just a reaction to the vaccine boosters, that being the ONLY thing we know that changed in his little life at about the right time to be a cause. Pretty slim evidence, if you ask me. He’s not a lot better than Wednesday evening, but IS a lot better than Tuesday.

I’m selfishly hoping he gets better by Sunday morning. Toni’s on an away gig starting Friday and I’ll be babysitting. If Sky is in need of attention, I’ll have to stay close to home. (Hint: Indianapolis doesn’t qualify as Close to Home.) Fingers crossed.

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