The Thing With Proxies

FOR TEMPERATURES — using analogs of data rather than the real thing, such as tree rings for temperature — is they are worthless if they’re not calibrated.

You have to know to a reasonable degree of certainty that {THIS} is at least ROUGHLY equivalent to {THAT} or the whole process is just so much masturbatory exercise. A good workout, but to little real effect.

So you take a bunch of observations of things you think might be decent proxies in times and places where you can correllate them to actual measurements.

But if your measurements are bogus — which the surface stations initiative has show the historical climatological networks pretty much … are — then the analogous proxies … pretty much are.

But it’s always the cover-up that really gets you.

We shouldn’t let the whole issue of ClimateGate — as fun as it is — blind us to the bigger picture. In order to scotch Cap’n Tax and Obamacare and all the rest of the Left’s collectivist snake oil nostrums, we need to persuade people to our point of view. So we must keep pounding on Roger (the Real King of France)’s lesson — that virtually all elected Democrats are filthy liars — until everyone realizes the truth of the matter.

Point out to everyone you know — but especially your friends who claim to vote independent (the dreaded Swing Voters) — that the whole Global Warming hoax is of a piece with everything else the Left tries to do — lies bent on enslaving you to ineffectual solutions to non-problems. And they shouldn’t fall for it. Any of it.

No proxies. Insist on the real things. Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

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