The Teleprompter Mahdi

HAS AN ISSUE WITH the Arizona illegal alien statute which, as we are told with tiresome repetition, is a virtual clone of the Federal Law.

His Lordship doesn’t like the law. He fears it amounts to an infringement upon civil liberties. He therefore refuses to enforce the law or allow it to be enforced.

Thus morphing from an elected employee of the People of the United States to a would-be tyrant king, ruler, lord and master over the domain of USA.

Get this, fuckwit: you don’t get to pick and choose which laws you enforce. Congress passed it; the then-sitting President signed it; you enforce it. That’s your job. What you’re being paid to do. It goes with the elliptical office and the apartment upstairs from the store. Unless and until the law is repealed by Congress, you don’t have a choice.

And this guy claims to be a legal scholar? Pull the other’n. It’s got bells on.

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