The Sub-Head to This

ITEM IN BILLY BOARD “WHO WILL BE OBAMA’S COPYRIGHT CZAR?” (Subscription required and it ain’t cheap.) reads…

Could The Right Presidential Appointee Help Save The Music?

In a word: no.

As I have been saying for my long and striped (as in checkered only less-so) career in the music biz, the reason we’re all here is the music. The artists make it, the fans want it, and the rest of us make comfortable livings making sure both continue.

But that does not mean that we have any serious influence over the music, or can “save” it. It is beyond saving. The music just is, and no human agency is able to alter that. It’s colossal arrogance to think otherwise.

The fat cats in the have-a-cigar suits and the offices with the gold records on the wall are just worried about defending their rice bowls. They may or may not care about the music, but that’s not why they’re picking this fight.

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