The Spam Is Pouring In

AT THE PATCH FACTORY — double digits per minute, in fact. Over the three-day weekend (5PM Friday to 8:30 AM Tuesday), I got 1,200 pieces of spam that didn’t trigger my already extensive spam-and-twit filtering. It kept the pace up all through the day Tuesday. I shudder to think what I’ll face Wednesday morning.

There ought to be a special circle in Alighieri’s hell for the senders of spam. They send and they clog the pipes of Internet commerce.

And they keep doing it because somebody told them it was a great way to make money. I mean — sombeody told them. It can’t be true, can it? Can there be that many suckers to be bled?Can there possibly be someone so un-savvy, so situationally unaware, so fraud vulnerable as to even OPEN a spam message? Let alone read it? Let alone… buy something from it?

Can there?

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