The Simple-Minded Barbara Boxer

SENATWIT FROM the Peoples Republic of Kalivornia, is being soundbitten about the — scorn quotes — “stimulus” package that, “If we do nothing, I feel it would be a hostile act.”

Therein demonstrating the utter stupidity and willful ignorance of the limousine leftist.

No, Barbara, you ignorant slut, doing something-anything is the hostile act.

Doing nothing — administering what medicos call Tincture of Time and Tender Loving Neglect — would be the best thing government could do.

Government is not wanted, except by rent-seekers. Government is viewed with hostility and suspicion because, whenever government inserts itself in a market situation, it invariably makes said situation worse, not better. Government is not trusted because all government can do — can do — is steal the people’s money, destroy their property, and encumber their enterprise.

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