The Problem With This Thesis

ADVANCED VIA a chin-pulling session in the Wall Street Journal is that those who style themselves the “betters” of the American people are nothing of the sort. (In fact, if someone tries to persuade you he is anyone’s better, you are well-advised to suspect just the opposite.) And the examples cited bear that opinion out. Those who would lord it over the American people are, as a group (always a problematic assessment, I know), themselves ignorant, bigoted, stupid, arrogant, given to shooting their mouths off from the hip with little or no provocation, and just generally wrong.

When Nancy Pelosi denigrates the Tea Parties as crazy people “carrying swastikas” she’s either engaged in deliberate disinformation or she’s swallowing whole the media lie. She’s displaying like a red baboon’s ass her manifest prejudice and arrogance.

When Nanny Bloomberg insults the intelligence of the 61% of New Yorkers who oppose the Cordova Mosque, he either ignores or is ignorant of the fact that the project is a deliberate stick-in-the-eye provocation and is seen as such by the very “moderate” Muslims he seems to seek to placate with his mealy-mouthed nonsense. The American people merely take at their word a group of people whose faith and creed instructs them to spread it by the sword and who have declared war on us in no uncertain terms. Nanny Bloomberg seems to be living in a La Lal Land in which it is possible and even sensible to ignore such threats, to discount global opinion when it makes him uncomfortable inhis prejudices. (Is it prejudiced to accept a man’s view of himself at face value?)

And that went on very much longer than I intended.

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