The Problem with This Otherwise

LAUDABLE NOTION, put forward by Vanderleun:

All members of the team that put a bullet into Bin Laden’s cranium and then took the body out with them deserve honors, medals, ticker-tape parades, and all bar tabs covered for life.

In order to do that, we’d have to know who they are. Probably not too good of an idea.

Since they most likely will have to remain covert, it won’t be known for certain which 25 79 high-speed, low-drag operators were actually on the mission, let alone who it was made the actual double-tap did the job. Guarantee you: there’ll be all kind of false claimants.

“Yeah… I can’t exactly say, but… I might have been on the op… Got Oh-Bee-Ell.”

Which makes it a kinda shame we probably can’t acknowledge the real heroes. Leastways, not in public.

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