The Problem with Fair

IS THAT FAIR isn’t always right. Or true. Insty points to this AP story on the TEA party movement, at least in the reporter’s immediate surroundings. It is surprisingly fair. But it still has that flavor of an anthropologist’s report. Isn’t it curious and quaint how the natives express these opinions of theirs? While it’s encouraging to see the subject treated without the “Ew! Icky! Get it off me! Cooties!” we get from most of the legacy partisan press, it’s still a long way from what SHOULD be reported by a watchdog fourth estate, to whit, “You know, those TEA partiers have a point. The Federal government long ago overflowed constitutional limits and needs to be reined in.”

Dream on, Alger!

I didn’t say I ever expected it to happen. Just that even handed reportage of “both sides” of a story is a long way from reporting the truth.

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