The Problem I Have

THE PROBLEM I’VE ALWAYS had with unions is that they tend to a rather monotonous reliance on violence and coercion, or the threat of violence and coercion, to get their way. In my book, that’s not cricket. A well-ordered society is arranged so as to obviate both tools, to forbid their use, and punish those who violate that rule.

And I’ve observed all my life that Democrats lean on unions for muscle in much the way that the national socialists relied on the brownshirt abteilunge. The unions’ willingness to use their members as cannon fodder, and to send them against all barricades, real and imagined, with no thought or care for injury done to either those members or the innocents against whom they are thrown, in miy mind tends to militate against their being considered … shall we say… legitimate actors in a civil society.

I’ve never bought the cant that the unions were ever necessary, or that they ever performed any function of value to society. But, even if they had, this original sin of violence and coercion, of playing the aggressor against those exercising God-given rights in the public square, is in my not-so-ver-humble opinion a disqualifying one.

So, to me, the reports of SEIU violence against American citizens protesting the efforts by the administration to out-and-out steal one-seventh of the American economy on the flimsiest of pretexts come as no big surprise. But, if you’ve ever entertained a kind thought for unions as a class, I hope it shocks the fuck out of you. Worse, I hope the realization that they have been put to this use by the President of the United States should give you real pause.

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