The Pile of Boards

HAS GOTTEN PILE-Y-ER and my weekend — for all its three-dayness — is over.

Closed out the day Sunday with less accomplished than intended. It’ll do that to you to have to put an old friend down. Monday, rather than mope around the estancia all the derry-ding-day long, I set to with a will and a saw. And a router. And an angle grinder.

“When did you get an angle grinder, ” Og asks.

Shhh, Dolly!

Oops! Sorry. Did I de-bag the cat?

Not really, but there are going to be questions.

But you degrease.


I’m getting this whole edge-trimming-to-perfection routine with the router down pat.

Cleaned up the two remaining standard boards and the third board from which I was planning on cutting the fill-in pieces for the right bay’s verticals. Then I locked the whole mess up, (to use an old letterpressman’s term), just to see what it looked like.

Something like this:

Made a whole raft of decisions. Did a bunch of design refinement. Even made a trip to the Home Despot for some wiring supplies and assorted other sundries, (including a neat six-foot folding rule with an inside gauge).

Decided progress is not progressing well, here, and I need to pick up the pace. I may or may not work in the evenings. I have edge banding, sanding, and a lot of drilling to do. I’d prefer to hold off on the drilling until after I have a coat of sanding sealer on everything, but… We’ll have to see how things progress.

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