The Panic Merchant in Chief

WAS IN TOWN THURSDAY to rouse him some rabble in a photo-op here in River City. He’d come in to use the Brent Spence bridge, where I-75 crosses the Ohio River, as a backdrop. And totally fuck up traffic at rush hour. Or, more precisely, AFTER Rush’s three hours, so el Rushbo wouldn’t get a chance to take the wind out of his sales pitch quite so damned fast. (Hey, Barry — ever heard of green screens and Photoshop?) But whatever: he’s been trying to hype Congress into passing his so-called “Jobs Bill.”

If Congress has the brights God gave a light-emitting diode, it will do nothing of the sort. Which is what has the American people so damned scared.

You may not know this, but the site Barry chose as the venue for his telepromptering was a concrete plant. Considering just the other day at the UN, he was urging folks to stand in each other’s shoes, one has to wonder if he meant a Chicago-style metaphor or something.

But, whenever a politician tries to use infrastructure as a prod to rush the public into supporting an expansion of government, I never hear anybody ask, “What happened to the last batch?”

Wanna connect a couple dots here. Whenever the subject is the price of gasoline, some smart guy always points out that the gas station owner makes a penny a gallon, and the oil company ten cents, while the government grabs a buck-and-a-half. That grab is suppose to be going to highways — to pay both for new construction and for upkeep.

What did they do with that money? Hmm?

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